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Best Cash Back Credit Card

Get the 5% best cash back credit card now

best cashback credit card

We women are often discriminated. It`s true! Ask any typical alpha male out there. If we`re hot, then we`re labeled as high maintenance - with the 5 Cs and stuff. If we`re not, we don`t even get looked at. What`s a girl to do?

Okay fine, I`ll admit it. A girl cannot leave the house without her credit card. I can`t speak for everyone else, but make me go out without my trusty CC and I`ll feel naked through my bones.

I`ve got quite a few cards so when I`m using my clutch bag (or any micro bags I have), I only carry one out with me. The obvious choice is my Discover® More credit card, the best cashback credit card known to women!

The shallow side of me really loves the funky designs they have. There are over 100 designs to choose from so it`s almost impossible to have the same card as the girl standing next to you at the checkout counter. No more, "hey you`re wearing the same top" awkwardness.

Lets put that aside and I`ll tell you the REAL reason why I`m in love with my Discover® More card. Mommy has always been a staunch believer in economical intelligence and she passed that trait down to me. This Discover® More card of mine is hands down, the best cash back credit card. Ever!

With it`s 5% cashback bonus, I don`t feel so bad spending all of daddy`s hard earned money on things that I don`t really need. (that just made me sound like a brat, but I`m not so bad. Really!) Anyway let me do some simple arithmetic for you. Say I buy this cleavage-baring top that`s bound to get the eyes staring for 100 bucks. I pay with the best cash back credit card, and I`ll get back 5 bucks in cashback. That`s like a permanent 5% discount wherever I go.

I`m kinda thinking the executives at Discover are made up by a bunch of life-loving women. I`ve got images of Carrie Bradshaw in my head, as the person calling the shots at Discover. Throughout the year, the 5% cashback bonus is planned out nicely for me. From January to March, the offers focus on travel - airlines, hotels, car rentals and stuff. April to June covers home and fashion while July to September gives me great discounts on gas, hotels and theme parks. I`m a big movie buff so my favorite time of the year is from October to December where groceries, restaurants and movies get the attention.

Not only is it the best cash back credit card, it`s also my trusty lifestyle guide to a girl having fun! I plan my social calendar according to their Cashback Bonus calendar and I`ve not been disappointed. Even my bf agrees that this social guide has been an incredible help to his yearly plans.

Anyway, if you`re looking to get a credit card and can`t decide from the many, many choices out there, I`d wholeheartedly recommend the Discover® More credit card. It`s awesome looking, and it`s beautifully practical. The Discover® More credit card gets 3 thumbs up from me for being the best cash back credit card in the whole world!

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